Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Acts 14 -- Keep Preaching

Have I mentioned how much I marvel at Paul? First there is the dramatic conversion experience. Followed by one of the greatest church planting trips every recorded. Throughout the missionary trips Paul is threatened, stoned and left for dead, exalted as a god, and run out of several cities. There are a few constants in his life, like his ability to get people really mad at him, or the ability to have people accept the offer of grace through Jesus. Possibly the greatest gift Paul is giving to me is seen in another constant, he kept preaching.

No matter what circumstance Paul found himself in he used it as an opportunity to preach the Good News. Paul was given a calling from God to go and preach to the Gentiles. This is not a charge Paul has taken lightly. No matter what, he is going to give everything he has to live out the calling God has given him. When I hit resistance I tend to slow down and drawback some. When Paul hit resistance, he pushed harder and picked up intensity. There is not anything of human origin that will keep Paul from fulfilling the calling place on him. I wonder how often we allow things to keep us from fulfilling our calling?

First, Paul was clear about his calling. It was known to Paul exactly what God had commissioned him to do. The way that would happen was not necessarily known, but it was known it would happen. Are you clear about your calling? Second, Paul was sent, by God and by the church. This was not simply some renegade doing whatever he felt was right. Have you been sent? Finally, Paul would let nothing stop him. What is stopping you?

Keep preaching the message God has given to you. Let nothing keep you from this charge.

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