Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Acts 20 -- He Knew!

If you have been regularly reading this blog you know that I think very highly of Paul. In many ways, outside of Jesus Paul is my spiritual hero. In this chapter of Acts there is an understanding Paul has which blows my mind. He is headed to Jerusalem, and knows things will go poorly for him there. He says in every place he has been the Holy Spirit has revealed to him that prison and hardships are facing him.

Prison and hardship is not the part that blows my mind. Over and over we see Paul in those situations. This time it is different as he seems to be confident this is it. Yet with great resolve, Paul heads to Jerusalem. He goes knowing what is to come. Now I have gone to meetings knowing it was going to be difficult, or that I might have some great challenges at the meeting, however Paul knows this will be more than a hard or difficult meeting.

Once again we find Paul completely yielding to what God has called him to. The Holy Spirit is guiding Paul's every step, and Paul is following. I realize we are not getting a moment by moment, thought by thought commentary, but it seems as though there is no hesitation. Paul knows what lies ahead and does it anyway.

For the church of Jesus Christ in America so tough days lie ahead. The choice will be to bail or walk faithfully in the path set before us. Hardship and challenge are all around, yet the Spirit is calling. Will we be like Paul? Will we shy away? Will we do nothing?

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