Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Acts 19 -- What's In A Name

Once again there is enough in this chapter of Acts to write many pages. I am going to limit my focus to a very small section. There are people who are casting our demons and they are doing it in the name of Jesus, the one who Paul preaches. The response from the demon, I know Jesus, I know Paul but who are you? This is a powerful and important question.

When asked who you are, how do you respond? Many will give their name. Usually without much probing people will offer what they do for a living. There is an endless list of things by which we describe ourselves. For those who follow Christ we have added another description of who we are. How often do we use the Name of Christ as our primary identifier? Do we identify with a person who taught us about Christ, do we even identify with Christ, or do we select from the long list of other names and identifiers?

I guess the question must be asked if it even matters. If I have chosen to follow Christ does it really matter if I use the name of Christ as a way to identify myself? Absolutely. When we are told I know Jesus and I know Paul but who are you, there is only one answer which leads to life. The answer, I am a child of God, redeemed, restored and set free by Jesus Christ. The name of Jesus matters, and your connection with it makes all the difference in the world.

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  1. All I can say is why IS it so hard to do this..to say I am a child of God and been set free by Jesus Christ? I feel we need to become more bold for the kingdom and it is not an easy way....a step out of our comfort zone...yes! And look at what happened after seeing the result of just surface stuff. Even demons can realize what comes out of the mouth whether it is from your heart (with Jesus living there) or not. But look at the after effect....more people turned to Christ...what an accomplishment!

    But then at Ephesus, all it took was one person to upset the apple cart so to speak. One person....nothing has changed, has it?