Friday, August 21, 2009

1 Timothy 1 -- Grace

Is the grace of God on display on your life? In the church we talk about the grace of God quite a bit, but can that grace be seen in us? Here in the opening chapter of the letter to Timothy Paul contrasts the law and grace. This is a favorite pass time of Paul, but he shares it with Timothy. Paul has quite a past as he points out, but says now the grace of God can be seen because of the ways God has transformed Paul.

It was not the law which changed Paul, in fact it was the law which had him working against God. The law is what drove him to persecute the followers of Jesus. When the grace of God broke the chains of the law, the world was never the same. Are you living by the list of does and don'ts, or are you living a grace filled life.

It must be remembered that just before this teaching Paul reminds us and Timothy to watch out for false teaching. Meaning, while it is through grace we are saved, we cannot simply live however pleases us because there is grace, which was being taught. There are things the Lord still requires of us, and they are possible only by grace. Only when we are living by grace can we follow the call God has placed on our lives.

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