Friday, August 21, 2009

Colossians 3 -- Focus

Where is your heart set? Is there more concern for the things of this world, or for the things of the Kingdom of God? Paul reminds us our primary concern and focus should be on the things of the Kingdom, not of this world. Our struggle is we still live in this world while we live in the Kingdom of God. For as long as there have been theologians there has been this challenging balance of the already and the not yet. We are already part of the Kingdom of God, but we have not yet fully realized life in that Kingdom.

The tendency is to focus on what we can and are experiencing. For many whatever is right in front of them is the thing which gets the focus. The major problem with this our limited vision. In many ways followers of Christ must live in this world while being focused on the world to come. We must live a reality that is not seen by all. Paul shares with the Colossian church what a life focused on the Kingdom looks like and how that life is ordered.

What is your focus?

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