Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ephesians 3 -- Immesurable

How big is God's love in your mind? No matter what you just thought or said, it is too small. The love God has for us, humanity, is far beyond what we have the capacity to measure. This means we do not get to put limits on God's love either. Without even knowing it we can rule out God';s love for others. We do not know the depth of God's love. Yet that is out quest.

We are on a quest to not just understand, but experience the fullness of the Love God has for us. Here in Ephesians that is Paul's prayer for the church, that we would know and experience the depth, and breadth of the Love God has for us. Remember us is a community thing not an individual thing. Whether we fell completely loved or completely lost, we cannot comprehend the fullness of God's love.

The love God has for humanity is immeasurable. There are not words to describe it or measurements which can contain it. There is always more of God's love than we can know and understand. Just remember, you are not experiencing the full force of God's love right this moment, it gets even better than this.

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