Friday, August 14, 2009

Ephesians 6 -- The Enemy

When engaged in a battle there is one single most important thing which must be known, who is the enemy. It does not good to wage war if we are not in the right fight. Followers of Christ often fail to live a victorious life because they fail to properly identify the enemy. I use to get a lot of the literature of the what might be considered the moral majority, or the Christian right. I also get much of the progressive of liberal press. It seems to me that both have failed to identify the enemy. Both say the same thing, if we could just get people to act more like God, especially the government, then all would be well. The problem is it is the wrong enemy.

Powers and principalities of this world are not the enemy. The real enemy is anything which distract us from following God. This is the chief work of Satan. rarely dose Satan confront face to face, rather Satan uses distraction to such the energy and life from the followers of Christ. When we recognize the enemy, we recognize the need for the proper equipment in battling the enemy. If it is about shear might, we will lose. It is about having the right protection and connection which will win the day. The full armor of God, is about clothing yourself with the righteousness of God. It is about being ready to not be distracted.

Governments will rise and fall, as will societies and cultural norms. The power, will and love of God will remain. The enemy is all about distraction, will we fight the right enemy or will we lose to distraction?

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