Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Colossians 1 -- Big Jesus

For those in the church we become so familiar with talking about Jesus we run a huge mistake. The mistake which can snare all of us is making Jesus too small. It is easy to lose sight of how big Jesus really is. I am not talking about size, rather the level of importance we place on Jesus, and the role we allow Jesus to play.

More than a religious figure Jesus, as Paul reminds the church in Colosse, is the first born of all creation. Jesus is above all things and all things were created by him. Jesus is also the head of the church. It is easy to think we are in charge of our lives and the church. The reality is both the church and our lives have been given to us, and we are the stewards of each.

The reality is Jesus is in charge of the whole ball of wax. He is the one who directs the paths, and is the one who calls us to life and being. From time to time humanity likes to assume the role Jesus is to play. When this happens to an individual, repentance and reconciliation is needed. When a church as an organization finds itself in this role, reformation is what is called for.

What time is it?

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