Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ephesians 2 -- Insiders and Outsiders

Whenever there is a group of people there are insiders and outsiders. The insiders are not always aware they are insiders or that there are those who are on the outside wanting in, but there are. Outsiders are keenly aware of the insider, outsider divide. When it comes to Jews and Gentiles this divide existed. Jews were the insiders with God, or so they thought, and the Gentiles were on the outside looking in, or so the Jews thought. Paul says, I do not think so.

When it comes to the grace and mercy of God, there is no such thing as insiders and outsiders. The offer is extended to all people. No longer is the Jew or Greek, black or white, male or female, there simply is members of the Kingdom of God. Still humanity can create insiders and outsiders. When we do this we are not functioning consistent with the teachings of Scripture.

Our task is to be careful that we do not disqualify persons from connection with God. There are standards for those who follow Jesus. Still there is a lot more room than we often make out. We must be in the business of extending the grace and mercy offer to other people, then letting the Holy Spirit sort it out, not us.

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