Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ephesians 4 -- Maturity

One of those great Christian buzz words deals with maturity. I have seen job descriptions looking for a person who is spiritually mature. Many church people talk about being spiritually mature. Yet I find the idea to be lost in many circles of the church today. Paul was writing to the Ephesians about this issue, of which they obviously struggled. His sign of an immature faith, one that is tossed back and forth by every new teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of man.

This is an epidemic in the church today. People are so longing for a feeling, or to see movement in their journey that they will begin to follow anything or anyone who has something to offer. For Paul, and for us, the work of maturity is not easy, and not about a feeling or being tossed, it is about a disciplined life. A life in which we follow after God more than anything else. This life will be seen in the how we live not how we claim to live. The result will be a steadfast faith, and a steadfast belief in the faithfulness of God.

Take a look at your life, is it in good standing, or do you find yourself going from experience to experience looking for what I call the spiritual high? Looking to bring back that loving feeling. I am not sure the journey with God is all about that. There is plenty of love and there is plenty of joy, but in the midst is a lot of hard work. That love and joy is found in the hard work of commitment to the teachings of God, not the next greatest thing or feeling.

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