Monday, August 31, 2009

1 Timothy 6 -- Money and Faith

In a consumer driven society such as the American one, money is what talks and money seems to be the single greatest issue in the lives of many. I can remember growing up with the dreams of having great financial wealth, and those dreams creep in to this very day. The sickness of my humanity says if I can have enough money, then I can be satisfied with life. Sitting here writing I know this is not true, still the aspiration comes.

It is not wrong for a follower of Jesus to be wealthy financially, however there is a greater challenge for the person who is financially wealthy. Throughout scriptures and 1 Timothy is no exception, those who are wealthy are warned. It seems there is a great tendency by those of greater financial means, or those who crave it, to drift away from their relationship with God. I firmly believe God raises up persons of great financial wealth, but those people are raised up to help fund the works of God in this world.

Money and faith have always been held in tension. When we have little or no money we must have faith in God's provision. When we do not have the financial concern, the need to trust God does not go down, but the amount we trust God can suffer. In our culture when we are financially secure we can begin to thing we can care for everything we need to. It is easy to think we are self-sufficient, and do not need God as much. This is faulting thinking.

For those who do not have, keep trusting God. For those who have, offer what you have for the glory of God, not for yourself.

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