Monday, August 31, 2009

2 Timothy 1 -- Keep Strong

Here we have Paul's second letter to Timothy. While the teaching of the letter is the same as other Pauline letters, there is a subtle difference to this letter. The tone of Paul is that of a man who realizes the end is near for him. It is as if he offers Timothy some final words of encouragement. The most prevalent, keep at it and keep strong.

In a few verses that I need to read more regularly, Paul reminds Timothy to fan into flame the gift which is within him. Also that we are not given a spirit of timidity, rather one of power, of life and of self-discipline. Meaning we do not need to be arrogant, but we do not need to shrink back either. Following after Christ who calls us will require us to be in hard situations. There will be times when we are not the popular voice. In those times we must persist, we must not be quiet. When we are quite when it is time to speak we are showing we are ashamed of Christ in our lives. We need to have the confidence in God more than humanity.

Paul knew Timothy would struggle with this. God knew we would struggle with this and therefore preserved the words of Paul to Timothy for our encouragement as well. When we are pursuing the life we are called to, many will try to step in and stop us or at least slow us down. We must not let that happen, we must keep strong in the Spirit of God which is given to us.

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