Tuesday, October 20, 2009

2 Thessalonians 2 -- Stand Firm

It seems as though everyday the world becomes more chaotic. Watching the news, reading the paper or surfing the news sites all return more evidence that our world is experiencing some interesting times. Some would say that we have reached the logical conclusion of the age of enlightenment. Others would say things are just fine. Yet others are looking at the events of our age as the signs of the End of Times. None of these points will I argue with or agree with today, rather simply look to the Scriptures.

Here in 2 Thessalonians 2 we find Paul's teaching about the Man of Lawlessness. We are not told when this man will appear on the scene of world history. We are not even told many details to know what the coming will look like. However, it is clear that a time of lawlessness is coming. This lawlessness might include world affairs, but the spiritual desecration is the greater clue. When the age of lawlessness comes there will be counterfeit miracles, the man will claim to be the Messiah. The people will not believe the truth but the lies, and people will delight in wickedness.

So what are we to do? Paul says stand firm because you have the truth. Whether the Man of Lawlessness is already at work or not, those who trust in the Lord have protection from deception. The truth is offered to us through Jesus Christ, we must choose to stand firm and trust in that truth. When that day comes there will be a great sorting. The wheat and the chaff will finally be recognized for what it is. Our task is not to sort now, our task is to live as fully as possible the live Jesus granted us when the tomb could not contain him.

As our world becomes more and more chaotic, we are to stand firm. As financial woes increase and war becomes commonplace, we must stand firm. We have but one hope, and that is Jesus Christ. In that hope we must stand firm.

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