Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hebrews 3 -- Pushing It

If we remember Hebrews original audience is the Jewish community, then this section of the book is quite controversial. In the Jewish tradition there are a few who are the major figures. There is Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Then there is Moses, the deliverer and receiver of the law. There are not many more revered than Moses in the tradition, yet the writer of Hebrews claims Jesus to be greater than Moses. This would have been just too much for many in the community. Already uncertain about this Jesus guy, now the claim he is greater than Moses, that is just pushing it.

The ministry of Jesus challenges everything that was held sacred by the Jewish community. I wonder if the same is happening for us now. Think about the American icon/heroes. Jesus is greater than JFK, or Martin Luther King Jr., or ____________ fill in the blank. There is not another person in all history who is greater than Jesus. The challenge is living like we believe that.

The highest percentage of people in America would tell you they believe Jesus to have been real, and they even leave the door open about Messiah. The gap is found in the claimed beliefs and the seen actions. Unbelief shows itself in actions long before it is heard in words. As evidence from later in this section of Hebrews and other places in scripture, unbelief is a dead end. Words are cheap and easy, conforming our lives to Christ is much more difficult.

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