Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hebrews 4 -- Sabbath

For me it is Friday most weeks. The day set aside to rest, relax and reconnect with my family. Now there are times when this is interrupted and other details of life and ministry must be attended to, but for the most part Fridays are a day apart. Rest is such a vital part of life for all of us, yet we so often neglect it. The non-work days get filled with all kinds of errands and life maintenance activities that we often do not feel refreshed and renewed when we head back to work.

There is another byproduct of not really resting, and that comes with our service of God's mission. Because we become so busy, and try to cram so many things into our lives when we actually have time open for the service of God's mission we are too... tired, busy, or scattered. Having time for rest, not catch up on all the stuff of life, will allow us to be available to God's calling.

In the Jewish tradition this day of rest is set aside and there are strict rules about what can and cannot be done on the Sabbath. Here in Hebrews 4 there is a little different picture painted. Sabbath is not necessarily a day of the week, rather it is when the Lord returns and sets all of creation right. Until the return of Christ we will toil. During the waiting, we must practice rest in anticipation of that Glorious day called Today by the writer. Even now we struggle with what to do when times of rest come. Many of us scramble to stay busy. What will we do on that day when rest comes? Will we know how to rest? We don't seem to now.

Rest or Sabbath is something I am not very good at. I am a doer and resting does not come natural to me. I can tell you all the benefits of rest, and even encourage you to take rest. Still I will struggle. God is growing me in this area so that I will be ready when that Today comes. I pray that you all are growing in this as well.

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