Thursday, October 22, 2009

Titus 3 -- Foolish Controversies

Have you ever noticed the debates and arguments we get into often are looked back upon as foolish. In the heat of the moment there is great energy and passion displayed around each persons particular point of view. Yet when removed from the moment, the energy and passion seem to be used on something this is of little import in the grand scheme. There are issues, debates and even arguments which are worthy of much energy and passion, however, many are not.

Paul warns Titus and us to be careful about the controversies we engage in. Arguments often are unprofitable and useless. In fact the most common product is division. Paul addresses that as well with Titus. Warn the person instigating division once, then twice. If it continues have nothing to do with them. Wow that seems harsh but that is exactly what Paul teaches. It highlights the importance of not getting into meaningless arguments.

To put this into practice is going to require a good measure of humility. For many of us when we feel someone is being foolish we take it upon ourselves to correct them. What would happen if we let it go? Again, there needs to be a filter to measure how much the issue really matters. If it is an issue of great import, correction of the fool is warranted. On the flip side if it is of little consequence, you might join the fool rather than impact the situation. This is not an issue of right or wrong, it is an issue of fruit. If there is no fruit to the conversation, then take care in how you engage it. In the end the foolishness will bear itself out. We must make choices to determine where we will stand.

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