Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Matthew 28 -- The Big Deal

In this the final chapter of Matthew, we find the moment in time that was the big deal. In fact it is the main deal, by which all other deals depend. The women get to the tomb and Jesus is not there. Just as he had taught, on the third day he rose from the dead. This is no inconsequential activity. The resurrection of Jesus, validated all the other acts and teachings of his life. Without the resurrection, death still has victory, and Jesus is not the Messiah.

If Jesus were still in the tomb, dead, not only would he have been a liar, our hope would have been further deferred. The Jews who do not acknowledge Jesus for who he is, Messiah, are still waiting in hope of the redeemer to come. The resurrection, made our hope a realization. We no longer need to look for the one who offers us restoration and wholeness. Now our hope is in the return of Jesus. But we are not lost while we wait, we can continue to experience the joy of salvation now, and look forward to the grand celebration in the future.

All throughout history there have been days and events which are noted as forever changing the course of humanity. While these days continue to be significant, they all are only a glimmer compared to the light of the resurrection. Celebrating the resurrection with his disciples must have been great for Jesus. Still he quickly moves from the celebration to the commissioning. We should celebrate the resurrection, but we should do more than celebrate, we are to go and be about the work showed to us by the life of Jesus. When we don't, we diminish the impact of the resurrection in our lives, it could become just another day. That day of resurrection is not just another day it is the big deal.

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