Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hebrews 5 -- What Ya Eating

In our house right about mid-day there is a question which permeates the air, what are you having for lunch? With three young children you can guess this can be a very entertaining and exasperating activity. The requests are often far ranging and often do not include items we have. Over the years the requests have changed. When the children were really young they would be nursed by their mother. Eventually they moved to the fine line of baby food. Before long they began to eat more and more solid food. No longer do they live on milk.

The writer of Hebrews is telling us the same progression exists in our relationship with God. When we first realize the love God has for us in Christ Jesus, we need spiritual milk. Easy to digest, not teeth required. However, we cannot stay there, and many in the faith do. As we journey with Christ we are called to deepen our understanding and walk. To do this we will need to add to our spiritual diet. This will mean gaining the tools to not just read the bible but study it. It means reading books which push our understandings. What it really means is not being passive in our faith, expecting someone else to do the work.

So what are you eating? Is it time to take some next steps? Is it time to order up some spiritual steak? My hope and prayer is that we would all be growing in our relationship with God, maturing in our spiritual diet.

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