Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Matthew 27 -- The Death

In this chapter we get the second most important part of Jesus earthly mission. The second you ask? Yes. Tomorrow we will look at the most important. Jesus death on the cross matters, and is essential to our relationship with God, however, if there is no resurrection, the cross becomes irrelevant. Looking at the cross, is still important as we seek to understand what God has done through Jesus, for us.

A Roman tool of execution, the cross was a gruesome and horrible way to day. The cross was placed in a very public setting so people could see the agony and pain associated with its death. This was done in order to show others what happens when you go against the Roman government. After the resurrection, the teachings of Jesus, and the work of Jesus on the cross worked in the opposite direction. The cross became a tool of life rather than death. The cross became an example of what it means to give up your life and allow God to work.

I am always amazed at how God takes our human inventions, whether for good or evil, and uses them for the plan of establishing relationship with all people. How God can use horrible events to bring about good for us astounds me. That is exactly what happens at the cross. That is why we call it Good Friday. God took what was intended for death, and brought life out of it. I wonder what things God is longing to bring life out of in our lives?

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  1. God is using what was intended for bad in our lives for His good as well. We are free and ready to serve Him.