Sunday, May 31, 2009

Acts 1 -- Now What

One of the most important sections of scripture is the book of Acts. The first chapter sets the stage well. The disciples about 120 of them at the time, have just had the experience of all experiences. The one they were following dies on the cross, then rises to life just as was promised. In the resurrected body Jesus appears to them to teach, encourage and send. Then Jesus is taken up on a cloud. To say the disciples experienced a mountain top moment is an understatement. Quickly they come to the now what part of the story. What is this rag tag bunch of people suppose to do now that their leader is not longer bodily with them?

When we have those mountain top experiences we the time comes when we must return to the valley. We cannot live on the mountain. The vision of the top is etched in our minds and gives us strength, but we live in the valley. The disciples begin to settle into community and do what they had been taught in uncertain times, pray together. In the valley praying together is where we find the disciples as we get ready for Acts 2. Together, confused, unsure, scared, but they were together. They did not give up simple because they were in the valley. Why? Because they remember the promise given at the top of the mountain. They remember the story is not over. the best is yet to come.

So they pray and prepare for what God is going to do next, the next summit. What do you and I do on the backside of the mountain?

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