Monday, May 11, 2009

Luke 12 -- Are You Ready

Fresh off picking a fight with the religious leaders, Jesus asks a key question, are you ready. My fist inclination is to ask ready for what. When we keep reading we find out for what, the culmination of time. Jesus is clear the timing of such events are not known, and therefore we should always be ready.

For nearly 2000 years people have been making claims about the proximity of Jesus' return to creation. Over that period the discussion has been less and less impacting on our world and within the church. This has caused us to get a little relaxed with our preparation. I am convinced that we will never be fully ready but I know we can be more prepared than we are.

How is that we become prepared? Live the life God has shown us through Jesus Christ and provided us grace to live. For me this means living an examined life. Living in such a way that I am always asking how it is with God and I. Please note this is not about how much I am doing for God. This is not about how many chapters of Scripture I am reading, or how many hours of prayer I spend. The question is how is it with God and I. Is my relationship in a place that I am ready for the return. If not what needs to be different for me to be ready?

Are you ready?

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