Sunday, May 31, 2009

Luke 24 -- Death Defeated

Here we are some 40 days after resurrection Sunday. Yet the place God has us in the Gospel of Luke is the resurrection of Jesus. The great tragedy of the church is our familiarity with this account. For those who have been in the church their whole life, or even those who have spent a large chunk of time in the church, the resurrection of Jesus can become stale. It is easy to see why this would be a tragedy.

To help prevent this tragedy we must remember what really happened. Jesus lived and died. Jesus was taken from the cross and placed in the tomb, dead. He did not stay dead. If Jesus would have stayed dead, the whole thing would have been a hoax. Sure there would still be some great teaching. Sure there would be record of a person calling people to a greater life in God, but it would have been just another prophet. The resurrection changed and proved everything.

We, the church of Jesus Christ, must keep this account if Jesus fresh and alive in our lives. Because of the resurrection we have life, death has been defeated. It is often said the fear of death is one of the greatest fears we have. For those who follow Christ we have every reason to not fear death, because death is not final. Death has been defeated and the resurrection is the proof.

May we live as a resurrection people!

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