Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Luke 18 -- Not About The Show

In this chapter of Luke we find the accounts of people who live life based on the show. The religious leader who prays out loud about all that he is and and is not. The Rich young ruler who has much wealth, and lives a religious life. Both these men are shown to be missing the point of the kingdom of God.

They are missing the point because they think it is about the show they put on for God and humanity. Many of us fall into the trap of wanting to show people how godly we are by actions and words. Matters of the heart cannot be ignored. The prophet Isaiah records God's words saying, "their lips cry out to me, but their hearts are far from me.". Actions and words matter, only if they are a product of a heart that is transformed by Jesus Christ.

How much of our lives is based on the show. Are we good at doing the right religious actions, saying the right religious words with not real connection? In what ways are you and I presenting The Show?

Let's pray
Lord of Heaven help us to live in you. May we not be actors or performers in the show, may we be people of a transformed heart. May we be people who are deeply connected to and in love with you. Convict us Lord, and give us the courage and strength to be obedient to your leading. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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