Thursday, May 28, 2009

Luke 23 -- Death Brings Life

Normally read at on or near Good Friday, Luke 23 gives the account of Christ's final hours on the earthly pilgrimage. Swirling around Jesus are the advocates for death, the religious leaders, the proponents of their own political safety, Pilate, and the mocking jealous, Herod. In the midst of all this Jesus remains quiet and confident. In the midst of so much violence and death Jesus has a calm reassurance.

Why is Jesus so calm, because he knows out of all the death the doors of life will be flung wide open. Jesus knew by the time the weekend was over death would no longer hold victory. It seems as though Jesus knew death would bring life.

Which leads me to wonder, what in my life needs to die so that I might experience life. What in my life is keeping me from enjoying the fullness of life I have been granted through Jesus Christ. Identifying those things is not enough, I must be willing to put them to death. This is rarely an easy activity, still if not done life will elude me.

If we merely read the account of the crucifixion, but do not act on it in our lives the death of Jesus was of no value, and quite senseless. May we all put to death those things which keep us from life.

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