Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Luke 13 -- Small Things Big Impact

It is easy to focus on the big things in life. The big celebrations, the big concerns and troubles. These all seem larger than life. The small things can often be overlooked or passed off as mundane or boring. Jesus lifts up small things which make a big impact.

First Jesus uses the mustard seed. A tiny seed which grows into a large bush for all of creation to see and enjoy. Second Jesus uses yeast. Just a small amount of yeast changes the flour and water into bread. These small things make a great impact.

It reminds me to look at the small things in life. Are there things that I see as too small to make a real difference? Those might be the things God is going to use to do something far greater than we can imagine. The small things we do in our day to day life might not seem like they are adding up to much of anything. The reality is those small things can be used by God to do something great. we might never see the great thing, and that makes it hard. Yet, God is the one who deserves the glory. It is the kingdom of God at work not ours.

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