Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Luke 8 -- Reactions

It is pretty common knowledge that Jesus was in the business of healing. Whether a person believes it or not, most would agree one of the things Jesus did was heal the sick and broken. There are many different reactions to the healing work of Jesus. Those who turn and follow can be found, along with those who scoff and disregard. For some the healing work of Jesus brings fear, for others it brings joy.

In chapter 8 of Luke's Gospel we find people having all kinds of reactions to the miraculous work of Jesus. The demon possessed man is ready to follow Jesus where ever. The crowd and witnesses to the man's healing are afraid and ask Jesus to leave. The disciples are repeatedly amazed with the works of Jesus. The power Jesus displays can be a stumbling block for some, while for others it is the encouragement they need.

How are you responding the the amazing work and power of Christ? It may not be a miraculous healing. It could be as simple as strength to make it through the day. Do we assume this is our own doing? How is it that we react to the work of God?

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