Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Luke 14 -- The Cost

I am not a big fan of excuses. Whether they are coming from my mouth or through my ears I really do not like it when there is a rationalization for inaction. Jesus calls people to follow him, and the list of reasons why not start flowing. Mind you it is not a no we won't follow, it is more of a we will follow just let me do a few things first. At the risk of being blunt when we do this, we are telling Jesus we want to follow on our terms, not the one who is leading.

Sad as it makes me there are times when I have more excuses than I have will to follow. All of the excuses are driven by the fact that I know if I follow I will not get to do some of the things I really want to do. My life will no longer be my own. Jesus kindly, yet with a firm hand, reminds us that excuses are just that, rationalizations for inaction.

Part of the excuses are driven by the fact of counting the cost of following. In Luke 14 Jesus implores us to do this. We should have a firm understanding of the commitment we are making before we make the commitment. We should understand that Jesus has a high standard, he expects all of our life, not just the parts we are willing to let go of. When we realize the cost of the call, the excuses start.

The challenge to myself and to you, is to put away the excuses and start following. If we are not willing to follow without excuses, it is time to evaluate whether we really want to follow.

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