Friday, May 8, 2009

Luke 11 -- Picking a Fight

A common image of Jesus is of a meek and mild man full of gentleness and compassion. Often we remember Jesus as speaking words of peace and encouragement. In this chapter of Luke we find a different Jesus. The words of Jesus to the religious leaders of the day are not even close to meek and gentle.

Woe to you begins each of Jesus' statements to the religious leaders. At one point the leaders even stop Jesus and tell him that he is offending them. His response, woe to you. In this passage we find Jesus outlining the difference between religion and the kingdom of God. This was not an easy teaching to deliver, even harder to hear. Jesus was challenging everything the religious people held to be true.

More than questioning their beliefs, Jesus was threatening the entire way of life for the religious people. Many of the religious leaders were profiting greatly from the rules of religion. They were using the rules to oppress and suppress the average person trying to follow God. Out of this the religious leaders stepped up their plans to harm Jesus.

It is almost as if Jesus was intending to pick a fight with the religious people. He could have chosen nice words. Jesus could have taken a course which was more polite and socially acceptable. But no, he picks a fight. Not for the sake of a good fight, for the sake of Holy confrontation. Has God ever called you to Holy confrontation?

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