Monday, December 14, 2009

Revelation 10 -- No Delay

Okay so now things get real serious in the heavenly vision. There is a declaration that there will be no more delay, the full mystery of God was about to be unveiled. The time prophets talked about and others instructed was upon the people. This proclamation is followed by the eating of a scroll, which many presume to represent the word of God, that was sweet to the taste but soured the stomach. The Word of God is sweet like honey, but can cause men to stumble at its truth. After the souring meal, John the recipient of the vision, is sent to prophesy to the people. Can you imagine that job?

So if a third of the earth being consumed, the mutant locusts, and the C.S. Lewis style army, did not awaken the people to what was happening, John is given the task of telling them was is going on and about how bad it is going to be. There are times when I am not thrilled about the tasks God gives me, but this one takes the cake. The audience John is facing might be the definition of a hostile audience. Still in all of the destruction we find God hoping more and more will be saved. I cannot begin to imagine the pain God is enduring as the events of the end unfold. It is as if God were trying everything possible to get people to turn their hearts and enter in into relationship. Alas, they do not listen and the judgment falls.

All things are not completed yet at this point in the story. It is still the time of preparation, and the question still remains, are you ready?

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