Monday, December 14, 2009

Revelation 9 -- Paging C.S. Lewis

Now I like a good Sci-Fi movie as much as the next person. It might be hard to find a movie that is both Sci-Fi and good, but you would not expect to find the script in the Bible. The creatures described in this chapter are like something you would find in a C.S. Lewis novel. Locusts with human faces, the teeth of a lion, and the tail of a scorpion. And the two hundred million member army. This cannot be good. Well for those who have not received the mark of God, or who have not prepared for that day by having a growing, thriving, ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ, it is a very bad day.

The locusts do not have the power to kill, only torture for five months. Can you imagine wanting to die, but not being able to. The two million member army will wipe out a third of the earths population. This army has connections back to creation and the fall of humanity as they are headed by the angels bound at the great Euphrates river, one of the four rivers of Eden. They kill a third and the rest suffer in many forms. Still this is before the glorious return of Christ, this is still in preparation.

Interestingly enough these events are not enough to get the people of the earth to turn to God. They continue to deny God and embrace all sorts of evils. It might seem easy to criticism them and even call them foolish for their arrogance, however it could be anyone of us, so be careful.

Still the theme runs through, are you ready. If you have done your preparation now while there is still time to prepare, you will merely be a heavenly observer to all these things, not an active participant. Are you prepared?

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