Thursday, December 24, 2009

Revelation 19 -- The Last Battle

I cannot image what it would be like to hear the sound of all heaven rejoicing. That is what begins chapter 19, the great multitude shouting praise to God in Heaven. All out party is breaking out as the final victory is nearly here. The moment souls have been waiting for is upon them the defeat of the beast and all who would follow the beast. The rider of the white horse comes in with the army of heaven behind him, ready to render final judgment.

As we ready to celebrate the coming of Jesus as a baby to our world it is more than a child we celebrate. As we celebrate Christmas we are joining in the celebration of heaven as we read it in Revelation 19. The moment the first cry pierced the air in the countryside of Judea, the victory was won. Many battles still lie ahead, but the victory was won in that moment. This is worth the party on earth as it is in heaven. The celebration and battle we read about in Revelation is not simply a future event. It is an event that is happening now, it is just not fully realized now as the fullness of God's time has not come.

I confess that I all too often live as a defeated person. I readily see all that is not what it should be and allow that to drag me down. For those who are followers of Jesus, we are to remember the victory which is already ours. Christmas morning is a victory party, and every year as we celebrate, is another victory lap. The victory is won, Satan is defeated, so it is time to stop living as defeated people and embrace our victory.

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