Monday, December 7, 2009

Revelation 4 -- Worship At The Throne

Here is where the images start to get a little more disturbing. We find creatures who are described to be some of the strangest beings we can think of. For those who might have read through the Old Testament prophets, you might find these beings to be similar to those described by the prophet Ezekiel. Revelation is certainly not the first time we have come across beings which are strange to say the least. Here we find them in the throne room of heaven. Also in the room are the twenty four elders. The scene is one of worship.

Seated on the throne is the King, presumably God, and all the activity of the room, the Heavens and the earth are directed at this being on the throne. Can you imagine what John is going through as this gift is given to him? Now some can waste time arguing whether John was actually in these places or if they were simply visions. That does not really matter. Actual placement of vision, John would have been deeply impacted by what he saw. In a day and age when we ask often what is it to worship, we find a profound answer here in Revelation.

Worship is to fully, totally without regard to self and our won desire, offer praise to God. There are not a lot of fancy words thrown in, simply praise of the One who is, who was and is to come. Pure, unadulterated praise lifted to God who sits on the throne. Do we have to wait until that day to experience this? I hope not! This is not reserved for some future date, it is to be experienced now. The primary reason we do not is ourselves. We allow too much of ourselves to be at work in our worship. This is not about a style issue, this is about a human control issue. It is time to give up control, so that we may witness the glorious worship of the One who sits on the throne now. That way when the day comes, we will be prepared and join in.

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