Saturday, December 19, 2009

Revelation 14 -- Judgment Begins

The whole book of Revelation is filled with images which are difficult to get our heads around. Some of these images are figurative while others are actual. Knowing which ones are which would create a great amount of clarity. I am always hesitant to offer which ones are figurative and which are real because I just don't know. Here in chapter 14 we are given images which could fall into both situations. I could spend hours, and perhaps sometime I will, trying to sort it out, however, I am not convinced that is the point of the vision John gives to us. There is a sick quest by those in the Western world to figure it all out, what about mystery?

In this chapter we have the Lamb gathering the 144,000 who have the name of the Lord written on their foreheads. We also have the angels announcing and starting the judgment. I am not sure if the angels thing will really happen or not, this is not mine to figure out. What I do know is there will come a day when the Judgment of God will begin. In that day it will be clear who is who, those who follow the beast will receive what their choice has given them, those who follow the Lord will receive what their choice has given them.

It is fascinating the judgment is in terms of a harvest. This is an important image throughout the Biblical text and makes some special appearances in Jesus teaching. God's wrath is being prepared for pouring out on all creation. Once again we are back to an image which seems to be figurative, but we cannot rule out what the Lord might do. Grapes in the wine press which produce blood four feet high for about 180 miles. If this is literal, there will be no question as to the Judgment time of God.

With all the images and questions around those images it is easy to lose sight of the most important message of Revelation. The events and images are outside of the control of humans. All we need to be concerned with is being ready. We cannot stop or start the events unfolding in the book of Revelation. We do not even have to figure them all out. We simply must have our lives in such a state that we are ready for the Judgment of God. Are you ready?

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