Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Revelation 21 -- The Holy City

Finally, Satan is defeated for good and the full reign of God can begin. As we look at chapter 21 it is important to have words from Matthew 6 fresh in our minds. These words are a part of what we call the Lord's Prayer, "Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven." Week in and week out people offer these words, and some even in sincere prayer. Do we think about these words, we are asking the Kingdom of God to come and be on earth as it is in heaven. As we near the end of Revelation that is exactly what we see happening.

The common thought is that heaven is someplace else. That when all things come together and the end arrives we will go somewhere other than here. Now I have not made the journey so i do not know exactly what happens, however the Scriptures seem to paint another picture. The new Jerusalem comes down on a cloud from heaven to the earth. The cornerstone of the new kingdom is set up here on earth. Not just earth as we know it, rather earth as God originally called it to be. In other words we live in heaven right now, only if has not been totally fulfilled. That is the longing of the Lord's Prayer. Bring the fullness of your Kingdom God, to this earth. Restore and renew your creation.

In the restored and renewed creation God is the light and the life of all creation. Once again this is already true, yet our human will taints the light and life God offers to us. When the glorious day comes, the earth will not cease to exist, nor will the people, rather it will be the perfection God has been calling us to all along.

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