Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Revelation 6 -- The Seals

From the scene of the throne room worship we next turn to the unfolding of the end of things. A great number of people have written a great number of words regarding the end of this age. Often missed is who and what initiates the end of things. People point to the Middle East, others to the economic markets. While later in Revelation those things are discussed in detail, the real beginning is found here in chapter 6.

As the Lamb opens the seals, the ones no one else in heaven could open, we find the signs of the end of this age. The first four seals being the four horses and horsemen. Notice this takes place in the throne room, not in the incarnation. The four are sent out to do what they have been summoned to do, that is begin the judgment. The fifth seal is still has action focused on the throne room and deals with the faithful saints of the centuries who have died in the faith. They are waiting for their justification. They are told not yet, but given white robes in preparation.

Then we get to the sixth seal. This is when events begin to unfold on earth. Again notice the events are not initiated by anything on earth, but the opening of the seal in the throne room. This means we will only know the end is beginning once it begins. All of a sudden stars will fall, the sun will be gone, and the moon will be like blood. Is this a literal image? We do not know, and again I do not think it really matters. What matters is are we ready because all these events come without warning from the throne room of God. We have no way of predicting them. The only thing we can do is be ready.

I am sure there will still be pages consumed about the end of this age. I am sure there will continue to be predictions about what things will look like. The reality all the predictions are just best guess. The real question to be wrestled with which is often ignored is, are people ready for the events once they come. Are you prepared for what is to come.

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