Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Revelation 18 -- The Fall of Civilization

In Revelation it is called Babylon. Over the centuries many have identified it with other cities or countries. For John's first readers they most likely thought about the Roman Empire. There are some today who would point to the United States. No matter, the point is not the actual city, rather it is the work of what we would called the civilized world which is defeated in that day.

Described in these verses we find the description of humanity thinking it has it all made to the point of desecrating and destroying that which is of God. It is bad enough to be found living independent of God, even worse when you have the ability to entice others into that life. Babylon represents all that is human driven, and how it will all fall short. When the judgment of God is handed out, human effort will account only for destruction.

Greatness in human eyes may have immediate gratification, but long term it will pass away. All that matters is honoring God, anything else falls under the category of Babylon. John tells about the Day when all that comes to an end and the great and powerful Babylon is no more. Still the question echos through my mind, are we ready for such a day? This is more a personal question than a corporate one. When individuals begin to fashion lives where God is at the center of their entire being, we begin to take power away from Babylon, and place it where it belongs, with God. The day of judgment will come, we do not know the hour. The day of Babylons fall will come. It could come today, so let us make sure we are ready today.

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