Monday, December 28, 2009

Revelation 20 -- The Thousand Years

Out of this one chapter of Revelation much debate and division has occurred. The discussion of the thousand years has generated different groups of beliefs which have often wasted time warring against each other. There are those who are called pre-millenialists, who say the 1000 years is yet to come. There are the amillenialists who say we are in the midst of it. The smallest group are the people who think we are post millennial. I fall into yet another camp that doesn't think it is worth the energy and effort trying to figure it out. Not to be confused with thinking it is unimportant, I simply do not think we can figure this one out, and I do not think it changes anything.

We can know a time exists, past, present or future when Satan will be allowed to have rule of the earth. We also know there will come a time when Satan will no longer be allowed to do that and will be thrown into the lake of burning sulfur, along with those who followed him. Once that happens the final judgment happens and the stage is set for the New Jerusalem. Anything more than that is simply not supported by the Scriptural text which we have been given.

However, unchanged is the question which must run through out the book of Revelation, are you ready? If the time has passed, are you ready for final judgment? If we are in the midst, are you keeping yourself ready for the day of Judgment? If it is yet to come, still we must ask are you ready? It might be safer to spend time trying to pin point the timeline, but it is misguided. We do not control the timeline, what we control is if we are ready for that day.

This is the perfect time of year to ask the question. Are we ready? If not what must be done in the next year to make ourselves ready?

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